PJain Poster.png

Incidence and Risk Factors for Stroke Associated with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy in Cancer Patients using Real-World Clinical Data

Prantesh Jain, MD, Jahir Gutierrez, PhD, Avirup Guha, MD, Nirav Patil, MPH,

Chhavi Jain, PhD, Marcos De Lima, MD, Jill Barnholtz-Sloan, PhD, Afshin Dowlati MD


Robo/Slit Signaling Implicated in Glioblastoma Invasiveness

Amber Kerstetter-Fogle, Peggy LR Harris, Anthony R Sloan , Theresa Elder,

David J Bonda, Jill Barnoltz-Sloan, Marta Couce, Andrew E Sloan

JNarang Poster.png

Use of a Vibratory Anesthetic Device to Reduce Injection Site Pain Perception Among Patients Undergoing Cutaneous Cancer Removal Surgery: A Randomized Clinical Study

Jatin Narang; Panayiota Govas, MD, MScMed; Rashek Kazi, MD, PhD;

Rachel Marie Slaugenhaupt; and Bryan T. Carroll, MD, PhD

RNeupane Poster.png

Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) for Prostate Cancer and its Effects on Brain Volume 3D Planimetry

Ruel Neupane MD, Danly Omil-Lima MD, Amr Mahran MD MS,

Kirtishra Mishra MD, Lee Ponsky MD, Carvell Nguyen MD PhD,

Adam Calaway MD MPH, Laura Bukavina MD MPH

NRickman Poster v2.png

Choline Supplementation Prevents the Effects of Bilirubin on Cerebellar Mediated Behavior in Choline-Restricted Gunn Rat Pups

N. Rickman, J. Waddell, M. He, N. Tang, C. Bearer

KRoberts Poster.png

Baseline Brain Segmental Volumes in Responders and Non-Responders to Anti-Cholinergic Therapy for Overactive Bladder Syndrome

Kasey M. Roberts, MD; David Sheyn, MD; Nicole M. Martin, BS; Lucas Walden, MD; Sherif El-Nashar, MD; Adonis K Hijaz, MD; Jeffrey W Prescott MD

ERussell Poster.png

Improving Postoperative Health Assessments by a Virtual Agent through Behavioral Modeling of Motion and Audio Sensor Data

Emma Russell, Dustin DeMeo, Vasco Xu, Jill Lehman, Mayank Goel, Bryan Carroll

PSridharan Poster.png

Role of Mitochondrial Fission-Fusion Dynamics in Progressive Neurodegeneration and Memory Deficit After Traumatic Brain Injury

Preethy S. Sridharan, Edwin Vásquez-Rosa, Min-Kyoo Shin, Kathryn Z. Franke, Xin Qi, Andrew A. Pieper

AThavamani Poster.png

Rising Burden of Psychiatric and Behavioral Illnesses and Their Adverse Impact On Health Care Expenditure In Hospitalized Pediatric IBD Patients

Aravind Thavamani, MD and SenthilKumar Sankararaman, MD

MWhitney Poster.png

Elevated C-reactive Protein in Adolescents With Bipolar Disorder: A Potential Biomarker?

Meredith Sorenson Whitney, MD, PhD; Steven Scott, DO; Abe Perez, PhD;

Stephanie Barnes, MD; Molly McVoy, MD

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